Oley Twp., Berks Co., PA

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The Oley Valley, Berks Co., PA The Schuylkill River in Berks Co., PA

a farm in Oley Township

The Boone homestead in Exeter Twp, Berks Co., PA

Oley Township is located in beautiful Berks County, Pennsylvania. Oley was originally settled in 1700 and was incorporated as a Township while a part of Philadelphia County.  

Oley Township was originally formed in 1740 as a part of Philadelphia County, before Berks County was formed in 1752, which is after John Ludwig and George Valentine Clapp had moved down to North Carolina.  You have to research in several different jurisdictions to find information even though the land was in the same location.


Exeter Twp.

"The year 1701 is believed to be the year that Berks County was first settled. Swedes, relocating from the Philadelphia and Delaware River areas, settled in what is now Amity Township. In 1712, Isaac DeTurk moved from Esopus, New York to Oley and began a settlement there. It was a mix of French Hugenots, Germans Quakers and Swiss. In 1740, they petitioned Philadelphia County for Oley to become its own Township. Exeter Township was founded December 7, 1741. Previously considered part of Oley Township, the area's residents petitioned Philadelphia County to become a separate Township six months after the establishment of Oley. The petitioners were: James Boone, Benjamin Boone, John Boone, Squire Boone, John Hughes, William Hughes, Francis Yarnell, Peter Yarnell, Michael Warren, Peter Huyett, Peter Higo, Ezekiel Mathias, Roger Rogers, Joseph Brown, Jacob Vetter, and Ellis Hughes. These petitioners represent our Quaker background, and mostly resided in the area around the Quaker Meetinghouse and the Monocacy and Limekiln creeks. The actual name of the Township, "Exeter", is generally credited to the George Boone family. That family was from a town called Bradninch, England, just outside the town of Exeter. Many similarities still exist between the two cities, among them being the geography, soil type, and proximity to a town called St. Lawrence.

The first community created in Exeter was called Snydersville. It was populated mostly by relatives of Hans Schneider from the Limekiln area. It contained stores, schools, mills, and even a hotel. Some of the other communities that developed early were: Baumstown, Black Bear, Jacksonwald, St. Lawrence, Stonersville, Stonetown, Lorane, and Neversink Station. George Boone and family were one of the most influential families in Exeter. At one time they owned over 1000 acres of land in the Township and were among the petitioners to form the Township. Of course there's Daniel Boone as well, who we know grew up in Exeter and went on to become famous in his journeys from Kentucky to Missouri. Another important name is Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln's great-great grandfather Mordecai had a homestead that is still standing along Heister's creek."

from Wikipedia, also see http://www.exetertownship.com/Pages/History.aspx



Squire Boone (the father of Daniel) surveyed the land that John Ludwig Clapp bought in 1732.  His farm adjoined the property owned by the Boone Family.

This is a great site for learning about the Oley Valley and Daniel Boone homestead.   http://www.danielboonehomestead.org/oleyvalley.htm

Nice stories of Daniel Boone's youth in PA.  There is one story about some girls playing a trick on Daniel and his retaliation.  Could these have been his Clapp neighbor girls???  http://www.berkshistory.org/articles/boonesinpa.html