Fourth Generation

42. Peter SHARP was born on 12 September 1794 in NC.8,10,20,21,51 He died on 10 January 1878 in Union Co., TN.10,20,21 He was buried in January 1878 in Ousley-Graves Cemetery, Union Co., TN.21 Peter Sharp and his son-in-law, Maj. Allen Hurst, operated and iron foundry near Miller's Ford on the Clinch River. Peter lived about a mile up the valley from the home of Conrad Sharp.

Peter SHARP and Elizabeth "Betsy" SHARP were married on 30 May 1815 in Claiborne Co., TN.20,51 They20,51 appeared in the census in 1860 in District 10, Union Co., TN. Page 483 A, Maynardville, CD 10, line 1, dwelling 910, family 910
Peter Sharp, 66, M, farmer, 5000, 8724, NC
Elizabeth, 58, F, housewife, NC
Philamia Robertson, 14, F, TN
They appeared in the census in 1870 in District 10, Union Co., TN. Page 282 B, Sharp's Chapel, line 4, dwelling 87, family 87
Sharp, Peter, 76, M, W, Farmer, 3000, 1500, NC
Elizabeth, 71, F, W, Keeping House, NC
Allen, 30, M, W, Farm Laborer, TN
Mary, 28, F, W, TN (not positive who this is, could be wife and daughter of Allen)
Melvina, 11, F, W, TN
Elizabeth "Betsy" SHARP was born on 8 September 1797 in NC.20,21,51,52 She died on 3 November 1871 in Union Co., TN.20,21,52 She was buried in November 1871 in Ousley-Graves Cemetery, Union Co., TN.21,51

Peter SHARP and Elizabeth "Betsy" SHARP had the following children:



Melvina "Vina" SHARP.



Nellie SHARP.



Louisa SHARP.



Sally SHARP.



Rebecca SHARP.



Sterling SHARP.



David SHARP.



Boyd Allen SHARP.



Eli SHARP was born on 13 February 1834 in Claiborne Co., TN.16,20,53 He died on 30 April 1855 in Union Co., TN.16,20,53 Sharp book has 3 April.
He was buried in May 1855 in Irwin Cemetery, Union Co., TN.16



Henrietta SHARP was born on 7 October 1836 in Claiborne Co., TN.20,52,53 She died on 24 September 1890.53